S Series Performance Pack

Performance Pack Includes:

  • S-Series Upgraded Piston Assembly
  • S-Series Performance Compression Tuning
  • S-Series Performance Rebound Tuning
  • S-Series Performance Hydraulic Bottom Out Tuning
  • S-Series Upgraded Bottoming Bumper


Performance Pack Does NOT Include:

  • S-Series Spring Retainers
  • S-Series Compression Dials

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Robert B.
The 6 Million Dollar Shock

This might just really be the 6 Million Dollar Man, it literally is the TV show’s tagline: ” We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster.” I was already a PUSH convert, but the S upgrade for my 11/6 is just super jazzy. As promised, it’s poppier than it was previously in the firm setting, while still maintaining the awesome DH style ride in Plush mode. This shock is on a Revel Ranger and it makes the bike a completely different animal .his thing is nuts and I cannot say enough about it. I also work as a tech in a bike shop and have created a few PUSH converts that all say the same thing. Keep it up PUSH!!!!

Michael J.
Nailed it!

Well worth the upgrade. It feels ilike it's bottomless super plush. I'm loving it!

Eli C.
Da bomb

Unbelievable supple off the top and incredibly supportive on big hits. The best of both worlds. I ride Moab probably some of the gnarliest terrain and it handles it like a champ.