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I like my suspesion Poppy!

Air shocks have a reputation for a "Poppy" and "Playful" ride feel. But, can you get that from a coil too? In this video we answer the question....."Can it POP!"

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Elevensix Tuning Guide

The Elevensix is ready to ride straight out of the box, with no guesswork required for hardware, settings, or spring rate. We provide all the necessary settings, so all you need to do is bolt the shock onto your bike and start riding. However, for those who want to learn more, we offer an in-depth tuning guide on our website.

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Suspension Tuning Pop Quiz!

What was your guess?Sometimes it's the simple things that add up to big improvements on trail.

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The hunt for the ultimate performance never stops. Ideas are transformed into finished products here at our Colorado facilities.

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