SV Eight

Equal parts performance and durability. Ultimately designed and built to elevate your ride experience.

Damper assembly only. Coil Spring and Mounting Hardware sold separately. Items can be selected below.


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SV Eight Spring Rate Calculator

SV Eight Spring Rate Calculator

Estimated Spring Rates:

Setup Spring Rate (lbs/in)

A-Tunes: 300-500lb/in Springs

B-Tunes: 525-700lb/in Springs

You May Not Race, But
You Can Still Win Practice

Because let's face it, there's always one rider in the group you want to beat to the bottom!


- Low Speed Compression

28 Clicks

- E-MTB Compatible

Durable Construction

- High Speed Compression

28 Clicks

- Low Pressure IFP

Increased Bump Sensitivity

- Low Speed Rebound

18 Clicks

- Pedal Efficiency


No Lever, No Problem
Bridged Piston Design
Reduces Rider Induced Movement
Without Compromising Bump Performance

Standout Big Hit Control

Hydraulic Bottom Out

Never experience a harsh bottom out again. Over the final 15% of wheel travel our secondary HBO piston increases compression damping to quickly decelerate the shock providing seamlessly smooth end travel.

Hand Assembled, Dyno Tested

Quality is our priority

Details matter. Each SV8 shock build starts with precision components that are assembled with care by our technicians. Every threaded component, every dial, every detail is painstakingly examined for proper fit and finish. Assembled shocks then move on to our suspension dynos for a thorough trail simulation and final valving check before final inspection.

The result? More trail time, less downtime.


One Length, Multiple Strokes

One Shock, 3 different strokes. With our travel chip system, shock stroke can be easily adjusted in 2.5mm increments to ensure the exact match to your bike’s specifications. In addition, these travel chips offer increased flexibility if taking the shock to a different bike.

Elevate Your
Next Adventure.

Manufacturing Here Matters.

Creating high quality products manufactured right here under the roof of our Colorado facility by skilled individuals adds a

level of detail that simply cannot be matched. The result: Quality, Durability, and Performance.

Our Hypercpoil shock springs as well as aftermarket springs utilize a 1.38" (35mm) Inside Diameter

Our SV8 Mounting Kits as well as aftermarket kits that install into 1/2" (12.7mm) bushings

Yes. The SV8 is compatible with aftermarket links.

Our spring rate calculator is a great tool for guidelines regarding spring rate.

You should always reference your frame manufacturer for size information. Most manufacturers publish this information on their websites.

Every 500hrs, our 12months. Whichever comes first.

No. SV8 shocks should only be serviced by Authorized PUSH Service Centers.

1 Year. With each annual service, your warranty is reset for another year.

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