• ELEVENSIX Compression Valve Technology for your fork
  • Pressure Balanced Symmetrical flow rate for increased traction and control
  • Provides smooth plush ride without being mushy
  • “Shim-Less” High Speed Compression Valve for seamless and smooth damping force in consecutive bumps providing a controlled and compliant ride
  • 28 Clicks of external Low Speed Compression adjustment featuring a Parabolic Needle Shape for precise incremental adjustment range
  • 28 Clicks of external High Speed Compression Damping featuring a fine resolution thread for precise incremental adjustment range
  • Includes Rebound shims for Revalve
  • LYRIK: Compatible with all Lyrik RC, RCT3 and RC2 forks equipped with Charger 2 and 2.1 Damper cartridges
  • YARI: Compatible with all Yari forks that have been fitted with an upgraded RCT3 or RC2 Charger 2 or 2.1 Damper Cartridge. 
  • ZEB: Compatible with Select Plus and Ultimate Models
  • 15x110mm Axle PIKE: Compatible only with 15x110mm Axle Spacing Pike forks equipped with Charger 2 and 2.1 Damper Cartridges
  • 15x100mm Axle PIKE: Not Compatible! Click Here for more info: HC97 Support
  • Information regarding Fitment and Assembly Instructions found here: HC97 Support

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mickael D.
What an upgrade !

When I bought this piece for my lyrik,I thought I would get an evolution in the reaction of the fork and thus be able to pilot my bike better. I did not expect such a difference! The reactions of the fork and the filtering have progressed so much that places where previously I was very hesitant to ride, I pass them with my cup of coffee in hand, so much the behavior is sanitized and secure! I highly recommend the HC-97, you need it, believe me!!

No Rush

I bought the HC97 on sale as a replacement damper for my 2019 Pike. As the Pike is still in good working order I have yet to install it. Will let you know when I try it out.

Rod M.

Us at RMR Suspensions in the Lower Mainland Valley have seem mainy of the compression sdjuster upgrades. Now the HC97 is my favorite so far. It just plain works, you can feel clicker changes and most of all give you confidence of what the front tire is doing all the way into your hands. Whether jumping or enduro trails it's a great upgrade to give you confidence.