"In fact,
that is where we were most surprised, on the climbs..."The ELEVENSIX shock was a better climber than the air shock it replaced."

"Words simply cannot describe how incredibly well the Elevensix performs.
We understand that for the price it had better be amazing but we can’t emphasize how much our expectations were exceeded."

"And the performance is amazing. The rear end of the bike feels resolutely glued to the ground so I could be far more certain that the bike would track where I wanted to, over the air shock where I felt it could get knocked off line."


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    Imagine the grin on your face when you hear that on your next group ride. Sure everyone in the group will expect it to have descending performance, but a coil shock for climbing?
    Whether you're an out of the saddle climber, or more of a sit-and-spin type, you will climb faster... and with more ease. Every ELEVENSIX features our patented Dual Overhead Valve design with a dedicated, and fully adjustable climbing circuit. With the ability to dial in the perfect balance of firmness and traction at your fingertips, you'll finally be able to achieve the climbing performance you've been searching for out of your bike.


    This isn't like the shocks you've ridden in the past. This isn't like any shock you've ridden before....not even close. This is small bump sensitivity and traction that you didn't think was possible. As the trail gets rowdy you find yourself taking lines with more confidence, even searching for new lines that you wouldn't have considered before. Long descents, aggressive terrain, changes in climate and altitude? This is what the ELEVENSIX was made for. Go ahead and PUSH your riding limits. This is you confident and capable on every ride.

    "In addition to the excellent and reliable performance that it offers on the trail, along with the fact that it's made in the USA, the level of customization is what sets it apart from other contenders. It's like purchasing a tailored suit versus an off-the-rack model (full disclosure: this is pure conjecture - I only own one button up shirt, and it has short sleeves); for many riders, purchasing an Elevensix will be as close as they ever get to enjoying the tuning services and performance available to a full-factory pro" -Pinkbike.com


    Say goodbye to fiddling, bracketing, and the never ending search for the correct setup. Our R&D department has spent countless hours riding, evaluating, and documenting the ride settings for each individual bike so that you don't have to. Less adjusting means more riding. That's what you get with ELEVENSIX.

    In the box you'll find your new ELEVENSIX meticulously assembled by one of our expert suspension technicians with all of the adjusters preset to a recommended starting position for your bike. Feeling adventurous? Once out on the trail, feel free to experiment with the "tool-less" external adjusters as they only control the fine tuning of the shock ensuring that you really can't adjust it into a bad setup. Each shock comes with a completed settings card specific to your shock, outlining your baseline settings so you always have a reference to where it was set from the factory.

    "Is it for everybody? I would have to say yes. The money only goes once, the weight is not really noticeable (I'm carrying 500 grams of water right next to it and haven't been bitching about that at all) and the ride is absolutely amazing. And boy does it look soooo good on your bike". -therodfather.co.nz


    If you're under 140lbs(64kg) then you're all too familiar with always having to run a compromised setup when it comes to travel and performance. The shock feels too mushy if setup to achieve more travel, always having to run all of the damping settings near fully open, and forget about the magical ride that riders of "average weight" talk about.

    Here at PUSH we've listened and proudly offer lighter riders the solution.Specifically developed versions of ELEVENSIX featuring optimized spring rates, compression damping rates and rebound damping rates provide class leading performance. Finally lightweight riders can experience traction, proper ride height, and bottoming control like never before!

    As with all rider weights, your custom tuned ELEVENSIX comes ready to ride right out of the box.


    Ready to move to a new frame but want to keep your shock? With it's modular design, each ELEVENSIX can be converted in overall length, stroke, or even configuration such as going from a standard eyelet to trunnion style mounting. Prices vary based on application and our customer service team is always available to help.