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Ibis Ripmo V3/AF 200lb-260lb rider range

Ibis Ripmo V3/AF ELEVENSIX shock with minor cosmetic blemishes. Shock is in perfect working order and carries a full warranty. Shock is valved for rider a rider weight between 200lbs and 260lbs. The final spring rate will be adjusted based on the exact rider weight. When ordering you can put your rider weight in the notes field of the online order form, or we can reach out to you via email. 

We can not alter or retune this shock for a different rider weight. 

The image shown is a representation of the product, but NOT the actual product. 

The shock comes complete with spring set to final rider weight as well as mounting hardware. The shock will be set and ready to ride right out of the box! 

Shocks are first come, first serve and are extremely limited in quantity.