The new ELEVENSIX...The best just got better!

Featuring our exclusive Micro-XD coating for the shock body and shafts, this new process improves durability while reducing friction leading to better bump sensitivity. 

An 11.6% increase in reservoir volume builds on our all ready industry leading thermal stability. Long descents, and long lift access days have met their match!

The heart of any shock is the main damping piston. The new ELEVENSIX features a completely redesigned piston with improved flow path and increased port volume giving you the ultimate control without compromise in deep successive bumps. 

Cinnabon U Want from Pearlescent Media Featuring ELEVENSIX on Vimeo.

Advanced Technology....Blistering Performance 

  • 100% Manufactured in Colorado at PUSH from only the finest domestically sourced raw materials.

  • Each unit is hand assembled, vacuum bled, and dyno tested. Built custom to rider specification based on rider weight, riding style, and frame application

  • Patent Pending Dual Overhead Valve design offers two completely decoupled ride characteristics that can be toggled between on-the-fly. For the first time riders can have ultra plush and ultra firm suspension characteristics without compromise.

  • Tool free external adjustments for Low Speed Rebound, Low Speed Compression, and High Speed Compression.

  • Parabolic Low Speed Needle design for both compression and rebound eliminates the “gap” found in production MTB shock external adjustment.

  • Exclusive HyperCo Ultra Light Suspension Spring available in 25lb/in increments. Made from High Tensile spring alloy and featuring Optimum Body Diameter technology eliminating spring deflection and body wear.

  • Next generation Digressive Damping characteristic from compression valves provides incredible traction and control while allowing for through travel on square impacts.

  • High Volume Oil and Nitrogen Reservoir for fade-free performance.

  • Built using premium Maxima rear shock fluids.

  • Exclusive 360 degree spring capture and bump stop cup eliminates extrusion of bumper under extreme bottoming loads and ensures proper spring alignment.