We understand that you have options for your suspension service needs, so Why Choose PUSH?

The short answer: Our people and our experience. We eat, breathe, and sleep suspension tuning. That's it. It's our specialty. We don't do brakes, wheels, nor derailleurs...just suspension components. We offer a level of customer service and "after service" support that is second to none. This ensures that you get what you're looking for initially, as well as assistance with setup and understanding after you receive your suspension from PUSH.

The long version: Our people and our experience. From engineers, to technicians, to customer support, everyone on our staff has an intimate working knowledge of your product. We design, engineer, develop, prototype, test, and manufacture everything here "behind our doors" at PUSH. We utilize state-of-the-art 3D CAD/CAM simulation software, CNC machining centers, on-board data logging, suspension leverage analysis hardware and software, and even have a complete suspension simulation lab in house.
This goes for our Factory Tuning Centers as well. Each FTC has direct access to all of our resources including tooling, components, fluids, valving schematics....everything.  When you go through an FTC for your work you are truly getting the PUSH experience. 

Yeah, we're serious about our business and our business is suspension.