ELEVENSIX Technology


Dual Overhead Valves

The heart of the design of ELEVENSIX is our Patent-Pending Dual Overhead compression valve system which gives you two distinct ride characteristics that can be easily toggled between on-the-fly with the external lever control. Individually set and user defined, valve one can be set for plush DH performance, while valve 2 can be set for a firm climb setting. Want one setting for fast and flowy jump line trails and one for fast chunky rock gardens? No problem! Our Dual Valve system allows you to have your specific setup without the compromise associated with on-the-fly lever systems in the marketplace today. Now you can have two shocks in one!


16 clicks Low Speed Compression damping 

20 clicks High Speed Compression damping


Not just any coil spring... its a Hypercoil Suspension Spring.

To build the world's most advanced MTB shock absorber requires one of the world's premiere suspension spring manufacturers. Each spring is precision manufactured at HyperCo's state-of-the-art USA facility and available in 25lb/in increments for uncompromising setup.

Made from premium Ultra High Tensile Suspension Spring Alloy, Optimum Body Diameter (OBD) Hypercoils feature a unique design concept that adjusts the body diameter of the spring relative to the end coils. The OBD design enables Hyperco to take full advantage of its ultra high tensile material by optimizing the applied stress through adjusting the spring's body diameter. This design resists the bowing of the spring producing greater spring linearity and eliminating spring rub on the shock body.

Each PUSH HyperCoil suspension spring is individually inspected, and laser marked with size and rate information for the ultimate in accuracy! 


Advanced Polymer Spring Seat Bearing and lockable spring preload

With standard MTB coil shocks, the end of the spring binds on the aluminum retainer as it compresses deep causing binding and harshness. With our exclusive Spring Seat Bearing this condition is eliminated allowing the spring to freely rotate while compressing, increasing small bump sensitivity and durability. CNC machined from advanced polymer bearing material, this bearing runs smoothly without maintenance even in the harshest conditions.  


Factory Bottoming Bumper Kit

Big Hits? Drops? Deep Impacts? These types of events are simply no match for the bottoming control system found in each ELEVENSIX! With multiple densities to choose from, each ELEVENSIX is built selecting the perfect bottoming bumper to match up with your spring rate and frame design. In addition, each ELEVENSIX features our CNC machined bumper cup to ensure precise expansion of the bumper and maximum progression towards the end of the stroke resulting in the smoothest, most seamless bottoming feel of any shock you've ever ridden. 


Silky smooth durable performance

One of the big advantages a coil shock has over air shock is friction and durability. Lower friction equals better bump sensitivity which leads to greater comfort and traction.


Ultra Low Friction Shock Shaft

Advanced Polymer Piston Glide Ring

Advanced Polyurethane Shaft Seal and Shaft Wiper


Custom Tuned High Flow Piston and Asymmetric Piston Bolt

Our oversize high flow piston design means that you'll be tackling the gnarliest of terrain without the harshness associated with production shocks. The large kidney ports of the ELEVENSIX piston ensure maximum flow even over the squarest of bumps and high speed chatter. Coupled with a thermally compensating energized glide ring, our High Flow Piston maintains consistent friction and damping performance from the top of the run, all the way to the bottom. Working in conjunction with our piston is our Asymmetric Piston Bolt design which helps to direct compression and rebound flows independently from each other. This ensures that changes to your external rebound adjustment have zero effect on the compression damping characteristic of the shock. 


Low Friction Sealed Polymer Mount Kits

Our new 5pc advanced polymer mount hardware kits increase performance while reducing pivoting friction for better bump sensitivity!

Precision CNC machined from the most advanced materials. All kits use Type III hardened aluminum axles and 6061-T6 Aluminum end caps. Dual seal system ensures that contaminates stay out for increased life and smooth running performance throughout the entire riding season.