ACS3 Coil Conversion Kits
Compliant and Controlled.
Braking Bump Eraser, 
Big Hit Eater.

Consistent. Smooth. The Ultimate Traction and Control

Advanced Coil System
Why is everyone always trying to sell you on “coil-like” performance? Because nothing beats a coil when it comes to small bump sensitivity, traction, and mid stroke performance.  With a coil, say goodbye to the constant maintenance required to keep your fork running optimally!  The biggest hurdle is modern mountain bike coil forks lack the big hit performance and bottoming control provided by today’s air systems.

What if there was a complete system that provided both?
Introducing the most advanced MTB spring system ever created…The PUSH ACS3. With our 3-point system you get all the benefits of both the coil and air spring systems in one package! Precision wound from the latest high tensile CrV-SI suspension spring wire, our coil springs provide the ultimate in initial bump sensitivity and traction for control through the top and mid stroke of fork travel. Available in 5lb/in increments to ensure you never have that “in-between” rate dilemma! Next, our Patent-Pending Air Bump Stop cartridge, adjustable between 5-50psi, gives you the control to dial in your level of end stroke and bottoming control without compromise.
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Much like all PUSH products, the ACS3 is hand assembled from components that are 100% manufactured here at our state-of-the-art facility in Colorado. Precision machined from premium raw materials to minimize weight without sacrificing performance or durability. Initially developed for or ELEVENSIX shock, our exclusive Micro-XD coatings can be found on our Air Bump Stop unit as well as the lower plunger rod. This coating provides a durable and slippery surface leading to decreased wear, better traction and better small bump sensitivity. 
"After watching the installation video I decided that I'd give it a go. Might have taken me 45 minutes instead of the 14 like the video but I got it done! Thanks guys, great product! - Kevin M
Remember the old days where you're options for spring rate were soft, medium, and firm? We do and that's why we created a comprehensive spring rate range and guide to ensure the proper rate for the perfect ride!

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