FOX Float 32mm

FOX Float 32mm

All rebuilds are the same right? Wrong! With the work being carried out by Suspension Technicians using precision tools, parts, and processes, Factory Rebuilds from PUSH provide the most comprehensive top to bottom overhaul your fork can get. All this with class leading "after service" technical support.

Looking for more than just a rebuild? High Volume Air Piston Kits, Factory Fork Systems, and fork conversions offer levels of customization only available here at PUSH. Taking into consideration rider weight, riding style, and bike model, PUSH Technicians create the fine tuned ride you're looking for. Whether a weekend warrior or pro level racer looking for an edge, we've got what it takes to meet your performance expectations.

Factory Rebuild

  • Complete external inspection
  • Complete disassembly
  • Complete cleaning and inspection of all internal parts
  • Precision machining of seal seats (PUSH Exclusive)
  • Bushings are sized to mating tubes (Additional $29.95 if replacement upper and lower bushings are necessary. Requires customer approval)
  • Performance Dual Lip U-Cup Energized Seals installed
  • Performance Dual Lip Urethane U-Cup Energized Dirt Wipers installed
  • O-Rings Replaced
  • Oil Viscosity and Volume set using premium Maxima Racing Fork Fluids.
  • Blue travel indicator o-ring installed
  • Complete reassembly
  • All fork functions are checked by technician utilizing a hand dyno
  • Secondary Technician review of all fork functions is completed
  • PUSH Factory Rebuild decal applied (click here for example)
  • Settings card filled out by Technician and signed

Factory Fork System
Performance tuning taking into consideration rider weight, style and bike model.

  • Complete Factory Rebuild (listed above)
  • Rebound Piston Porting and Revalve
  • Compression Revalve
  • Lockout Threshold Revalve
  • PUSH Factory Fork System decal applied (click here for example)

High Volume Air Piston Kit
Adding the PUSH High Volume(HV) Air Piston Kit to your fork service provides a more linear air spring curve. Is this for me? It is if you find yourself lowering your fork air pressure to get full travel, but then end up with too much sag. This feature can be added to any FLOAT service for an additional $36

We also offer an RLC conversion package for your FIT RL model fork. This kit converts your damper cartridge to add an external low-speed compression dial for added adjustability. A great way to gain additional external adjustments without having to get a new fork!

Service Lead Time:

Scheduling: Forks: Week of 09/08/2014 , Shocks: Week of 09/08/2014 .

FOX Float 32mm - Ordering
2002-2012 (All Models) Factory Rebuild $179 Add to Cart
2002-2012 (All Models) Factory Rebuild with HV Air Piston Kit $215 Add to Cart
2002-2012 RLC Factory Fork System $225 Add to Cart
2002-2012 RLC Factory Fork System with HV Air Piston Kit $261 Add to Cart
2010-2012 FIT RL-RLC Factory Fork System Conversion $305 Add to Cart
2010-2012 FIT RL-RLC Factory Fork System Conversion with HV Air Piston Kit $341 Add to Cart


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